9 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Are True


Some conspiracy theories are so nuts they just might be true! Don’t worry; you are not going crazy. These things really happened. Get ready to have your mind blown when you check out these 9 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Are True.


You do not have to watch X-Men to see mind control games. The CIA is guilty of carrying out the same sketchy tactics. Don’t believe us? President Bill Clinton apologized to the people in 1995 on behalf of the government claiming this was false when it indeed happened.

Apparently, the shady CIA took it upon themselves to perform mind control on different subjects, you know, just to see what would happen. From 1950-1973, the CIA did a variety of experiments including verbal and sexual abuse, drugs, hypnosis, torture, and sensory deprivation.

The Freedom of Information Act showcased over 20,000 classified documents admitting and detailing acts of mind control. This did not happen until 1977 and a bunch of files were destroyed in 1973. Hmmmm… that isn’t suspicious at all! We may never know what happened to a lot of those patients.